By participating in the Staking of KII, the user acknowledges having read, understood and accepted all of KII´s Staking terms and conditions described here. In addition, it recognizes and agrees to be bound by the KII Staking Terms, abide by them and comply with them. The user must not participate if the KII Staking Terms are not fully understood or accepted.

1. KII´s staking process consists of acquiring cryptocurrencies and maintaining them blocked in a wallet with the purpose of receiving profits or rewards in agreement to the offer.

2. Availability

The offer of Staking contracts will be activated semiannually, along with an amount of minimums and maximums according to the supply of coins available for sale.

3. Permanence clause

Once the KII Staking contract is in effect, the KII coins must be blocked for the selected time, in order to guarantee the selected yield. Settling the currency in advance is not allowed, as this would affect the stability of the coin and the agreed yield.

4. Reward settlement

Reward percentages will be settled monthly. Once the Staking period ends, after 24 hours the initial capital will be settled at the end of the term of the Staking contract. The user may make use of the KII coins by settling them or re-entering a Staking contract.

5. Purchase limits

There is no placement limit, meaning that a user can take the maximum of coins available for each period of time offered, according to the option of yield that best suits the user.

6. The user must carefully consider all the risks arising from the participation in KII Staking. In no way shall Kii Global be liable to the user or any person or entity for any losses, direct or indirect, (including loss of profits, business or opportunities), damages or costs arising from or related to any risk referred to above.